About me

Hello there! I see that you want to know something moreĀ  about me. Let me introduce myself:

I’m Ivan and I love running! I run on all kinds of terrains in any time of the year and at almost any distance. I think that I might qualify as a long distance runner since I usually prefer to run for longer periods of time.

Although I spend a lot of time training on relatively flat terrain I love running in the mountains. I also have some aspirations when it comes to road running, but my real long therm focus is high altitude running. I simply love moving as fast as I can on challenging terrain. It is one of the greatest things that I have ever experienced and I like to do it as often and as long as I can.

In another parallel universe I’m a scientist that examines the workings of microscopic plants that live mostly in aquatic environments. Through my work I learned a lot about the way different energy sources are used by living organisms and I also apply this knowledge when it comes to my own diet as a runner.